• Reliable Custom Menswear

  • Carefully selected high-grade fabrics
  • Respectable and experienced tailors
  • 15 minutes to customize online and get to wear within 14 working days
Our shell fabric purchasing experts are working hard every day to find the best quality fabrics and auxiliary materials for all our customers.We purchase suit and shirt shell fabrics of different colors, thicknesses, and counts according to the changing seasons, from Merino wool suit fabric of 100 to 180 counts and Egypt long-staple cotton shirt fabric of over 150 counts, to flax and silk with excellent close-skin feeling and breathable fabrics. From samples offered by over 200 suppliers, we carefully select the fabrics that comply with the current fashion and at the most reasonable prices. We make sure that our clothes are of the best quality and comfortable to wear.
We have dozens of tailors with more than 20 years of experience. We ensure that your clothes are tailor made using current technologies and measured to fit the customer. We commit to make clothes that fit you perfectly, accompanied by a modification limit of as much as 80 dollars. You can find instructions for convenient modification and reproduction processes and friendly customer service on our website. We make sure that all our customers are 100 percent satisfied. Every customer’s measuring and plate-making data will be preserved independently and permanently, and real-time updating of these data is possible. This process allows us to tailor and custom-fit what you need any time you need it.
We have a highly personalized on-line customization system containing as many as 102 options. With the aid of 3D and video technologies, your customizing and measuring processes can be quite simple, efficient, and accurate. According to different specific demands, the whole process can be completed in three to 10 minutes.More importantly, our production process is quick and efficient. We send your order directly to the tailor within 24 hours. After the manufacturing procedure and quality inspection, your clothing will be ready within 10 working days, and it will be shipped to you in three to four working days through UPS. The cost of delivery is waived if the order is over 100 dollars.