How to Take Care of Your Pocket Square

Your pocket square is one of the most essential things in your wardrobe which must be kept clean. Carrying this square with ultimate style is something that needs to be done. But how about maintaining the pocket square? Why not clean it by using the following tips.

Cotton Pocket

Cotton cloth material is the easiest one you can wash. It withstands high temperatures. Cotton pocket can be washed at a temperature of 60 degrees. This temperature is suited for white pockets and 40 degrees is well suited for colored pockets. You can also use bleach to clean up every mess on your cotton pocket. Leave it to dry after bleaching or washing at high temperatures and finally iron it at high temperatures too. Your cotton pocket will be as good as new.

Linen Pocket

This material can also withstand high temperatures. It can be washed on the same temperature ranges as mentioned for the cotton pocket squares. You can also iron these pieces of cloths after washing them. It is advised to iron these linen pockets when they are slightly humid. This keeps them in shape. Don’t use the good old dryer for drying out the linen pocket because it would just tear apart. Let it dry in the sun or in the open air.

Woolen or Silk Pocket Squares

Wooden and silk pocket squares depict style, class and elegance. They are the ones which you need to take care of precisely. They are a little harder to wash or clean as compared to the previous ones mentioned above. They cannot be thrown inside the washing machine because they will be torn badly along with destroying the other clothes. Silk or woolen pockets can be washed using a little soap mixed in mild water. They need to be washed by the hands never in the machine. The materials must not be rubbed against each other because they will lose their silky nature. They are supposed to be left in the air to dry instead of throwing them in the dryer.

pocket squareThey must not be placed under direct sunlight or other heat sources nearby. These pocket squares can be ironed at very less temperatures and can be used again with perfection. The best advice for ironing such pocket squares is to place some cloth piece on top of them and then iron them. It is always best if the iron doesn’t make contact with silk or wool. You can use moth cleaner to clean the woolen pocket squares completely. If you still think these tips are something you can’t do, go to your dry cleaner because he knows what to do with them.

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